Crowded Course of Destruction

By Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth, EdD How do we begin to make sense of what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri? I believe that is a question that cannot be answered quickly or easily, but I do believe there are answers to that question and the many others that come to mind and heart as we consider the loss of life, liberty and the exposure of what some might call happiness, but

Richmond Shalom Farms

Shalom Farms is a regional food access and community development project of United Methodist Urban Ministries of Richmond (UMUMR). United Methodist Urban Ministries of Richmond has a long history of social service work in low-income communities. Founded in 1937 as Bethlehem Wilson Communities, the agency played an integral role in the Fulton and Highland Park communities, providing services to over 1,500 individuals and families per year that included preschool, after-school,

Why I Invited a Defrocked Pastor to Preach at Epworth

By Pastor Michael Christensen The Rev. Frank Schaefer, former pastor of Zion Unit-ed Methodist Church in Iona, PA,was recently defrocked by United Methodist Church officials after he refused to conform to our denominational rules that prohibit ministers from officiating at same-sex weddings. Frank felt he had no choice when asked to perform the wedding of his son and partner in 2007, which constituted a chargeable offense and resulted in a