Rudy Rasmus speaks about Shalom Zone in Huston TX

Recently he visited Drew University where he gave a couple of lectures on love and compassion. In regards to the Shalom Zone in his area, pastor Rudy says, “Our Shalom Zone in Huston Texas is doing great. Shalom is peace and the one thing that we are attempting to do is not only live in peace with the community around us but to be an example of peace for those who are encountering us for the first time.”

Rudy Rasmus speaks about freedom

Rudy Rasmus is an author, and global humanitarian with a passion for outreach to the world’s poorest citizens. Rudy Rasmus is also the pastor of the St. John’s United Methodist Church located in Downtown Houston that began with 9 existing members in 1992. St. John’s has grown to over 9,000 members.


Framework for  Shalom Zone Community Development

Pastor Rudy believes that Matthew 25, the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats lays out the framework for the community development in his Shalom Zone in Huston, Texas. “Community development really begins focusing on the least of those considered the most marginalized in your community,” pastor Rudy remarks. “Once you identify that area of pain in your community then you begin to move resources in that direction and know that God will meet you in that effort,” he concludes.


Shalom Community Garden

The Laurie Bogaski Community Garden is a project of Shalom Scranton and is located at  the corner of Vine and North Irving Streets  in the Hill Section of Scranton, PA. The garden is named for Laurie Bogaski who lost her life in a fire on that property in 1999.


Shalom Work in Uganda

International Director of Communities of Shalom, Dr. Michael Christensen speaks about the work of Communities of Shalom around the world and how effective it has been in these areas such as Uganda.


Digital Lounge: Michael Christensen

International Director of Communities of Shalom, Dr. Michael Christensen speaks about Shalom beginnings and Shalom Ministries.


Welcome to our first Shalom Online Course


Shalom Fishing Trip Summer 2013


 Stepping Up to Shalom without Borders

At the banquet, a Shalom Dove Award was presented to Rev. Velma Cruz-Baez, pastor of Pico Union United Methodist Church in Los Angeles–one of the original and only surviving Shalom Zones from 1992.


 Shane Claiborne at Drew Theological Seminary


Shalom Summer Intern Presentation


Heidi Neumark at Drew Theological Seminary


Lunch and Shalom Summer Intern Presentations

Drew Seminarian, Joshua Clough, presenting his Shalom internship experience