Sharing a Shalom Moment in Cal-Nevada

SHALOM is more than a Jewish way of saying hello,
Shalom is more that ‘peace’ as the absence of conflict.  
Shalom means health, healing, harmony, wholeness, 
well-bing, and shared prosperity in our communities. 
Communities of Shalom is a grass-roots community development network of Shalom churches and community partners focused on neighborhood revitalization and community transformation.  Initiated by the General Conference of the UMC, now housed at Drew Theological School, these demonstrations acts (AKA Shalom Zones) now number 150 sites around the world. 
Shalom ministry is now taking root in Cal-Nevada Conference.  I’m working with several of you to re-think Church shalom style, to start shalom zones or become a shalom church.
The Shalom Initiative is celebrating its 20thAnniversary this year in Los Angeles–where the movement began in 1992 in the wake of civil unrest and social uprising  after the Not Guilty verdict of the 4 policemen who beat Rodney King (who died this week). 
Shalom Summit 2012 expects to draw 200 people from the various shalom sites and local ministries.
I came here today to invite you to register for the Shalom Summit:
And to show you a music video of Shalom in Action featuring Ken Medema (Feel free to sing along):
Prayer after the Video:
Jehova Jirah, Jehova Shalom,  
Empower us, O God, to see the health and wellness of the community to where we have sent, and to pray always to you in its behalf, knowing that in its shalom we will find our  shalom.  May it be so.  Shalom, Salaam, Right On, Amen.
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