Shalom Training in Ocean Grove

The International Shalom Resource Center at Drew University offered its third annual Shalom Training Certification course at the seaside retreat center in Ocean Grove, NJ, June 24-29, 2012, resulting in 22 new certified regional Shalom trainers for a total of 53.  As we move closer to a regional structure for training shalom teams internationally, these highly competent and deeply motivated training facilitators, are the future of Shalom. 

The following trainers completed 42 hours of basic ShalomZone Training and 30 hours of Shalom Facilitation Training for trainers; and were duly recognized by the Theological School of Drew University as Certified Regional Trainers for Communities of Shalom.

Fr. Christopher Johnson
Fr. Edmundo Desueza
Harris Tay
Allyssa Smithers
Amaha Sellassie
Sheila Crane
Sherry Gale
Teresa Buycks
Rev. Jane Ayers
Rev. Julie Liske
Pastor Dennis Singini
Pastor Moses Waiswa
Rev. Yvette Davis
Minister Michelle Bodle
Rev. Tevita Fotofili Vaikona
Travis Blackwell
Rev. Judy Bupp
Rev. Linda Meaner
Dr. Brandon Cho
Julius Kasaija
Dr. Bruce Haskins

Drew’s annual certification training event was a weeklong experience of learning and fellowship focused on community health and transformation. The most valuable part of the training week was peer learning through sharing our individual stories and experiences. Participants came from United Theological Seminary in Ohio, Jubilee Ministries (Episcopal) in New York, and Shalom Zones in Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Georgia, Kansas, Washington D.C., Malawi and Uganda.
Together, we enjoyed sweet fellowship, increased group knowledge and wisdom, and created a community of mutual encouragement, expertise and support.  While the training schedule was intense, we scheduled daily beach, boardwalk and down time for participants to rest, reflect and fellowship with one another.
The most unique and enjoyable part of this year’s program was the presence of Ken Medema as our musician in residence, daily Bible teacher and Shalom consultant-trainer.  An internationally acclaimed musician, composer and performer, Ken ministered to us in a variety of ways all week, including a musical Bible study on the prophets Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Nehemiah; improvisational story telling; a midweek Shalom Concert in the Tabernacle, and a shalom training workshop on musicality and training. 
The week concluded with a Commissioning Ceremony at Thornley Chapel at Ocean Grove where Dean Jeffrey Kuan offered a strong word of inspiration from the prophet Jeremiah.  Michael Christensen, Annie Allen and Dean Kuan then issued Certificates of Completion to the participants. 
The Shalom Training Certificationcourse is designed especially for:

·       Designated Regional Shalom Trainers seeking or renewing certification
·       Shalom Site Coordinators or Conference Shalom Coordinators
·       Community Leaders with an interest in starting a Shalom Zone in their community
It highlight units of the ShalomZone Trainingmaterials, offers opportunities to practice new and innovative training methods, and equips trainers to use new Shalom training materials, (Participant’s Workbook & Toolbox) in addition to new on-line curricular resources and technologies for Training.
Currently, Communities of Shalom is comprised of 150 Shalom sites worldwide, 33 trained and commissioned Shalom interns from Drew Theological School, 53 certified regional trainers, 15 National Shalom Committee members, and three national staff members based at Drew.
You, too, are part of the future of Shalom. Join the movement!  Become a catalyst for change. Get equipped to transform the world, one community at a time. Join us at the Shalom Summit this Fall.  Register today:
Communities of Shalom is a coalition of faith inspired community development ministries, working with local churches, community organizations and local leaders to address issues of poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, gang violence, education, health care, economic development, environmental healing, and a wide range of local issues. Communities of Shalom seek to bring health, healing and wholeness in the spirit of God’s Shalom (Peace).  Drew University’s Train-the-Trainer Certification program is a 3 credit, 30 hour, CEU offering to equip designated shalom regional trainers and shalom site coordinators to do shalom ministry in their geographical areas.
Sign up for Shalom E-zine for updates on Communities of Shalom, upcoming ShalomZone Trainings, and details about next year’s Shalom Training Certification course:
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