Shalom on the Move in September

From Michael Christensen, International Director

Dear Friend of Shalom:

I invite you to take a moment to feel the spirit of shalom on the move as you read your September issue of the Shalom eZine.

Our feature. this month is a retrospective of Communities of Shalom written by Linda Bloom and released last week as a major news feature by the United Methodist News Service. ” Practicing ‘shalom’ for 20 years.”

Then glance through the three short features of three of the six Shalom Sites that applied for national certification this year:

Respond Incorporated, North Camden, NJ—perhaps the most entrepreneurial economic development focused affiliated Community of Shalom, Wilbert Mitchell, founding Executive Director (now in his 44th year of leadership)

The Neighborhood in Long Beach, CA—an exemplary “Demonstration Act” of what Walter Brueggemann calls “an alternative consciousness to the dominant culture” (which is the role of community ministry in the biblical prophetic tradition).  Check out their Shalom Community Garden.

Center for Transforming Communities—our affiliated Regional Training and Resource Center in Memphis, TN—equipping and supporting five shalom zones in Memphis, Amy Moritz Executive Director who also serves as a National Shalom Trainer.  (CTC was featured last week in the United Methodist New Service feature on “Practicing ‘shalom’ for 20 years.”

One of the six sites featured in last month’s and this month’s eZine will be recommended by the National Certification Team as a Distinctive Shalom Site for 2012 and will be presented with the ‘spiritually coveted’ Shalom Dove Award at the 20th Anniversary Shalom Summit in Los Angeles on October 5 at the 20th Anniversary of Shalom banquet.

Wilbert Mitchell, founder of Respond Inc. will present and honored at the Shalom Summit in Los Angeles next month.
The Neighborhood shalom team will be at the Summit and offer an active learning visit to their shalom zone and workshop on community transformation on Friday at the Summit.
Amy Moritz, Executive Director of CCT will offer featured workshop on “How to Start a New Shalom Zone (and re-plant a shalom church in the process) on Thursday afternoon at the Shalom Summit.

Over 150 so far have registered; 220 hotel nights secured, but we still have room for 25 more in order to be fully subscribed.

Will we see you there?

Please do to delay any longer:  
Already coming?  We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information and to see the new Shalom Clock, visit us on the web:

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