Shalom Concert with Ken Medema

Ken Medema’s Shalom Concert in Macon, GA (Aug 21, 2012)

Last week, recurring artist Ken Medema was at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, for a “Prelude” retreat for graduate music students as well as a concert at First Baptist Church and another for the City of Macon to celebrate Macon’s six Shalom Zones. 

Ken is a spokesperson for the Shalom movement, and composed and recorded the theme song, Shalom Song, for Communities of Shalom International.)  

The picture above is of Ken’s Shalom concert with the audience on their feet, celebrating community, solidarity, and peace.

In June he helped train led our national and regional Shalom trainers at Ocean Grove, NJ, led the daily Bible Hour on the prophets of Shalom, of performed a Concert for Shalom in the Tabernacle.  

For more on Ken Medema, composer, musician and minister of Shalom, check out his website:

Check out his Shalom Theme Song on our website:  Shalom for the City  and register for the  Shalom Summit 2012. 

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