Join Rudy Rasmus at Shalom Summit

Pastor Rudy Rasmus, who started a ShalomChurch in Houston known as St. John’s Downtown Church, is here at our Cal-Nevada Annual Conference to preach and teach about Shalom. 

Beyonce Knowles and Destiny’s Child came out of St John’s Church, and the Knowles family built the church’s youth and community center. Pastor Rudy and his wife, Juanita, grew the church from 9 to 9,000 members over the past 20 years by focusing on the needs and resources of the community. 

Rudy, I believe, can help us re-imagine our churches as host sites for community ministries, training centers for community action, change agents for social justice, and spiritual anchors of faith, hope, healing, and love in the immediate neighborhood.   
Here’s a video clip of Pastor Rudy in action at his church:  St John’s United Methodist Church

Pastor Rudy is one of our keynote speakers at the upcoming Shalom Summit 2012 in Los Angeles (October 3-6).  We asked him to speak on “Re-think Church Shalom Style.”   And we invite you to attend. 
You can register today for the Shalom Summit 2012

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