How Ken Medema Shares Shalom

From Telegraph newspaper article, Macon, August 17, 2012

Ken Medema described himself to the Macon Telegraph as a “singer, songwriter and keyboard player.” He also is an international spokesperson for Communities of Shalom.

 “Macon is an unusual city,” Medema told the Telegraph, “in that it has five Shalom Zones. In case you are not familiar with Shalom Communities International, it is a wonderful initiative that engages teams of congregations and communities to build a future of hope and peace together through multicultural, multi-faith collaboration and asset-based community development,” he said. “It means peace, but more than that, it means partnerships. It’s a place where no one is alone and it’s a place where we care about each other. Congregations have partnered with other folks in the city, and other nonprofits in the city.”

His Shalom Concert tonight at Mercy College in Macon, GA, celebrated community partnerships–people working together to transform their neighborhoods through planting gardens, building houses, and growing healthy communities, as the Letter from Jeremiah suggests (Jer. 29:11)

Medema writes new songs based on what audience members told him about people helping other people economically, socially, and spiritually. “I sing songs about how to help kids have a safer place to grow up, and how to provide older people a place where they don’t have to be lonely,” he said. “I ask people to tell me stories about partners in the city. I want to hear about people coming together to make Macon a better place.”

 “For people who don’t know me,” Medema told the Telegraph reporter, “I am a singer, songwriter, keyboard player. I’ve been blind from birth and travel all over the country. I do about 100 shows a year, everything from conventions to fundraisers. But the thing that I do which is sort of unique is that I make up songs on the spot based on what people tell me.”

Read more about Medema in Macon here in The Telegraph newspaper.

For more on Ken Medema, Minister of Shalom, see our feature article in the August Shalom eZine

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