God is doing great things in the Shalom Zone in Uganda

Pastor Baamu Moses send us some happy news about the Shalom Zone in Uganda. “Praise God for the Uganda Shalom Tailoring zone,” he says. He tells us the story of Viola, a twelve years old girl who was found in a dump. He explains “She cannot speech. When she joined the Shalom Training Class for the fist time, she used to write whatever I could write on the Blackboard.” It took Viola some time to get used to the classes but little by little she start showing great progress. “When the tailoring class began she was very much interested in joining. As I talk now she can make her own dresses;” he happily adds. It is amazing what God does when we care for each other. Above you can see a picture of Viola sawing her own clothing. Pastor Baamu Moses is very grateful for the support he receives from all the sponsors this his Shalom Zone. He concludes, “Thanks goes to GBGM and Drew University for the Uganda Shalom Tailoring Grant.”

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