Feel the Spirit of Shalom

Dear Friend of Shalom:

I invite you to take a moment to feel the spirit of shalom on the move as you read your August issue of the Shalom eZine.  Our feature story celebrates the ministry of musician and composer Ken Medema, whos spirit of shalom is contagious and whose music is truly prophetic and inspired. (You can download one of his shalom songs at the end of the article.)

Then glance through the three news articles below that profile three of the six Shalom Sites that applied for national certification this year: 

  • Pleasant Hill Shalom Zone in Macon, GA—City of Shalom
  • Gallatin Shalom Zone near Nashville, Tenn.—our largest shalom zone in the network of 150 sites 
  • Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone in Columbus, Ohio—one of newest shalom zones, which was started just over a year ago with the help of the original Instigator of Shalom—Bishop Joseph Sprague (who called for the creation of the first shalom zone in Los Angeles in 1992—20 years ago!).

The other three sites seeking certification will be featured in a future Shalom eZine: 

  • Marion Country Community of Shalom, Fairmont, WV
  • Binghamton Community of Shalom, Memphis, TN
  • Respond, Inc., North Camden, NJ

And one of these six sites will be recommended by the National Certification Team as a Distinctive Shalom Site for 2012 and will be presented with the ‘spiritually coveted’ Shalom Dove Award at the 20th Anniversary Shalom Summit in Los Angeles in October.

If you have not yet registered for the Summit, you still have time to do so and receive the 10% discount on hotel accommodations. Our block of discounted rooms goes away on August 31!
Please do to delay any longer: http://www.communitiesofshalom.org/summit2012_home.html   

If you are part of a shalom zone that would you like to become a certified Community of Shalom in 2013, why not start the process now by contacting the International Shalom Resource Center at Drew University.  shalom@drew.edu   

Do you want to learn how to start a shalom zone in the place where you live, work or worship?
Or do you want to learn more of what it means to be a certified Community of Shalom?
Or have you already been shalom trained and now want to become a certified Shalom Trainer? 

Then, come of the Summit and all your questions will be answered!  
You can begin or continue your journey to Shalom October 3-6 in Los Angeles. 
For more information:  www.communitiesofshalom.org

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