Interview with Shalom Intern, Kory Turner

Kory N. Turner is participating in the Communities of Shalom Internship by Drew University Theological School. He is serving in a Shalom Zone in Memphis, Tennessee. How would you describe your understanding and vision of prophetic ministry in the congregation and community? In my experience, there is no specific way to describe prophetic ministry. Traditionally, in my faith tradition, a prophet was one who told people/the church about current circumstances,

Let There Be Light

By Michael J. Christensen, Pastor Excerpt from my Green Communion Sunday Sermon, June 1, 2014   I love photographing sunsets with my IPhone, and I enjoy feeling God’s presence in a sunrise. I have gazed into the night sky in places in South America where pollution and artificial lights don’t obscure the view of the Milky Way and the starry Field of Dreams. How and when did God make the