International Director
Dr. Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D.
Drew University Theological School
12 Campus Drive, Madison, NJ 07940
Phone: (973) 408-3848

Dr. Michael J. Christensen (M.A., Yale, Ph.D., Drew), is the National Director of the Shalom Initiative and Affiliate Associate Professor of Spirituality at Drew University. Formerly Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Drew (1996-2007),he teaches courses in spirituality and social justice in the College and Theological School. An ordained United Methodist minister in the California-Nevada Annual Conference, he has published more than a dozen books and many articles.

Dr. Christensen is a certified field traumatologist (International Traumatology Institute, University of South Florida) with expertise in urban ministry, disaster response, international community development, and community mental health. In recent years, he designed and implemented a psycho-social training program for Chernobyl victims in Belarus and Ukraine (World Vision and USAID), a train-the-trainer program for “Family Coping Skills” seminars in the aftermath of September 11 (Greater New Jersey Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church), and a pastoral and congregational care training program in response to HIV/AIDS in Malawi, Africa (CitiHope International).


Sr. Program Associate:
Mr. Will Dent (NCJ)
701 Stone Crossing St. NE, Canton, OH 44726
Phone: (330) 455-6385, Fax: (330) 455-3913

Will Dent serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Better Community Development, Inc. (Better known as ABCD, Inc.), a 34 year old faith based Community Development Corporation based in Canton, Ohio, and related to the United Methodist Church. He serves as a Training Consultant in Economic Development and Fundraising with the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church and is a member of the Training Faculty of the Communities of Shalom Initiative. Topics include:fund development; churches forming non-profit corporations;strategic planning & social entreprenuership to name a few. Formerly he represented the Midwest area on the Board of Directors of the National Community Economic Development.

Sr. Program Associate:
Rev. Dr. J-P Duncan
c/o Communities of Shalom
327 Twelfth Ave. Scranton, PA 18504
(570) 344-9186,

J-P is Communities of Shalom coordinator in the Wyoming Annual Conference, and pastor of the Abbott United Methodist Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He has helped to organize two non-profit Shalom teams in Pennsylvania: the Methodist Urban Ministries, in Wilkes-Barre, and the Shalom Community Development Corporation of Greater
Scranton – the latter of which he is President and CEO. As a consultant for the General Board of Global Ministries he has led workshops or trained Shalom teams in Texas, Missouri, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York. He has received specialized training in: Community Economic Development from the NeighborWorks®
Training Institute; Dismantling White Privilege, from Huperetai; and Religious Resources and Roadblocks to Addressing Domestic Violence from the FaithTrust Institute. He is presently working on his doctoral thesis at Drew: Using the Narrative Approach to Provide a Conceptual Tool for Interfaith Ministry.

Sr. Program Associate:
Rev. Annie Allen, MPA, M.Div.
Turning Point United Methodist Church
15 South Broad Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08608

Rev. Allen has had a life-long calling for social justice and especially the improvement of race relations and religious pluralism. She brings 30 years of experience in higher education, government and community organizing in the areas of civil rights, multicultural education, inter-faith dialogue and human relations. She is proud mother of Gregory age 24 and Jeffrey age 22. She lives in Pompton Lakes, NJ, with her Mom Nancy.


National Trainer:
Amy Moritz, MBA, MAR
Center for Transforming Communities
258 N. Merton, Memphis, TN 38112

Amy is the Director of the Center for Transforming Communities (CTC) in Memphis, TN. The Center for Transforming Communities exists to foster, embody and promote the values, principles and practices that contribute to the emergence of God’s gift of shalom, experienced as a holistic, healing and distinctly alternative culture, in the heart of diverse neighborhoods and communities across the Memphis Metro area. Amy spent the first half of her career life in a Fortune 100 corporation and the second half has been spent in the field of faith-based community economic development. Her experience includes workforce development, community credit union, microenterprise, community land trusts, and healthcare for the underinsured. Her specialties are fund development and the formation of new initiatives. Amy is most drawn to work with groups of people who are faithfully discerning the new thing to which God is calling them. Building on their vision and passion, Amy seeks to help groups transform this into something actionable and concrete.

National Trainer:
Rev. N. David (Dave) Cooper, MDiv, MSW, CPM
P.O. Box 61, Doswell, VA 23047

Committed passionately to organizing and developing communities to become socially, economically, physically and spiritually whole by applying faith-based, Asset Based Community Development and community organizing principles and techniques to achieve community-led outcomes, Dave Cooper is a skilled and successful Shalom-Maker. As a Program Associate and National Trainer for the Drew University Communities of Shalom Initiative, and as a Shalom-Makers consultant, Dave Cooper convenes, connects, provides leadership for, educates and coaches the development of partnerships among diverse faith-based, organizational, civic and institutional partners to strengthen capacity, competence, and commitment to weaving together a fabric of common destiny. Dave brings to his work over 25 years of successful experiences and training in executive leadership and program/project development and management. He has served as executive director of faith-based, nonprofit, urban mission organizations to develop programs for food security and pre-development of nearly 400 units of affordable housing. Undergirding his recent achievements are years of experience delivering multi-million dollar, heavy construction projects as a project manager and estimator. Dave is also deeply committed to the transformation of the criminal justice (corrections) system into one that is restorative for the communities in which victims, perpetrators of crime and the families of both live, work, learn and recreate. Dave lives near Richmond, Virginia, enjoys hiking, cycling, the ocean and mountains, is married, and has one child and two grandchildren.

National Trainer:
Dr. Patricia Morton
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
604 Allison Road, D-251
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
Phone:(732) 445-6573


National Committee:

Bishop John R. Schol, National Committee Chair
7178 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite D, Columbia, MD 21046
(202) 546-3110,
The bishop’s Shalom sermon may be viewed here.

Dr. Michael Christensen, National Director
Drew University Theological School
12 Campus Drive, Madison, NJ 07940
(973) 408-3848,

2010 Quadrennium

* Mr. Byrd Bonner
223 Springwood Lane, San Antonio, TX 78216
(615) 308-9178,

* Mr. Will Dent
701 Stone Crossing Street, NE, Canton, OH 44726
(330) 455-6385,

* Rev. Dr. J-P Duncan
1140 Amherst Street, Scranton, PA 18504
(570) 822-3574,

* Rev. Robin Hynicka
55 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2531
(215) 568-6250,

* Rev. John Culp
1500 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 722-0794,

* Rev. Ken P. Ehrman
7084 Howard Lane, Eden Prairie, MN 55346
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* Ms. Mary H. Gates
3420 Skycroft Circle, Minneapolis, MN 55418-1719
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* Ms. Videte Bullock Mixon
1200 Davis Street, Evanston, IL 60201
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* Mr. Jay Brown
1145 S. Beecham Road, Williamstown, NJ 08094
(856) 216-7755,

* Dr. Chris Boesel
Drew University, 36 Madison Ave., Madison, NJ 07940
(973) 408-3789,

* Dr. Jeffrey Kuan
Drew University, 36 Madison Ave., Madison, NJ 07940
(973) 408-3258

* Dr. Patricia Morton
604 Allison Road, D-251, Piscataway, NJ 08854
(732) 445-6573,

* Rev. Tanya Bennett
Drew University, 36 Madison Ave., Madison, NJ 07940
(973) 408-3718,

* Dr. Rob Duncan
3724 Sheffield Avenue, Muskogee, OK 74403
(918) 781-6284,