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From Shalom Zones to Communities of Shalom International

The Communities of Shalom initiative began as a response to the conditions that impelled, and the aftermath of the Los Angeles rioting in 1992. An original Community of Shalom was created in Los Angeles.

Creating mandate, adopted by General Conference of the United Methodist Church, May 6, 1992:

“That in solidarity and consultation with the indigenous persons and local churches in in a selected neighborhood, The United Methodsit Church, commits itself to the creation in Los Angeles of a Shalom Zone… with the hope that the Shalom Zone concept becomes a prototype for proactive ministry in other places.”

The model has been replicated throughout the United States and around the world. The Shalom movement is on the loose and training for Communities of Shalom has taken place in more than forty annual conferences, as well as Central Conferences and autonomous church locations in Southern and West Africa. Communities of Shalom are committed to:

  • Renewing the spirit of God in communities and congregations
  • ·Developing the prosperity and economies of communities
  • Strengthening relationships among neighbors
  • ·Improving community health care and coordination of services

shalom_logo_062308_icon_f02“I’m heartened by the work I see being done in the Communities of Shalom Initiative, where individual churches and churches in union are looking to transform just four city blocks in some instance…” — Hillary Rodham Clinton, Address to General Conference (1996) from the transcript published in The Daily Christian Advocate (April 24, 1996)