Linthicum’s Main Indicators that Change has Occurred Within a Community

by Dr.  Robert C. Linthicum

Alinsky says it well: “A community has truly changed when its people have hope, when they have power, when they feel they have a future now – they know where they’re going and they know they are going to keep building more and more power.

They know how to do it now; they know how to function as citizens in the democratic process.”  Significant improvement in schools, housing, health care, more sensitive policing, reduction in crime, more and better employment for all are all indices of the transformation of a community.

But the true indicator is a transformation in the people – in their perspective of themselves, their appreciation for and commitment to each other, and their sense that they can really affect change in their city.

Watch a video by Linthicum titled “Using Power to Turn you City Upside Down”

The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky and His Legacy (Chicago: Chicago Video Project, 1999)

(Taken from: Response by Dr. Robert Linthicum To Questions Posed by Stephanie Scott. The Campolo School for Social Change, Eastern University, Philadelphia, PA.)


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