Life at Sioux Falls and Tree of Life Shalom Zones

Her233e in Sioux Falls — we are having an impact on the neighborhood.  We are working with several neighborhood organizations to create a safe zone for all who are in our very diverse multi-cultural neighborhood.

One great change is that we are partnering with Sioux Falls Housing Authority and have begun a five unit building across the street from our church.  It is for senior (over 55) housing with income guidelines.  It was designed to face our church — we leased our across the street parking lot to the group for 40 years so we can have new parking and the units can have off street parking also.  There is a common garden space which our children will help plant.  Should be open by March of 2014.  We view this as ouro first step into serving the older population in this place along with our children and family programs.

Just wanted you to know we continue to live in Shalom.

At Tree of Life — the participation by others all around the US continues.  The need grows as many Natives who were in cities move back to the reservations.  Our Tree of Life couple Russ and Donna Masartis — move and have their being among the people of the area.  There have been several new projects started as a result of our Shalom work on the reservation.  One is horses — there are a number of children who have participated in painting horses and learning to ride and care for them as well.  This offers a great release of frustrations felt when the children and teens are attending school and finding themselves frustrated and bullied by others.

We also know they have gotten a new shop set up.  A place where teens can come and work and make.  previously this was only available to those who were on parole.  It made them want to stay in trouble!!  Not a good thing.

Thanks Michael for doing what you do and helping where you help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  We had a great holiday season — ate too much, took naps and watched football.  Life is Good.

Laura Borman
Sioux Falls and Tree of Life Shalom Zones

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