Getting to know our Deaf Shalom Zone

Deaf Shalom Zone seeks to empower individuals who are hard of hearing, culturally Deaf, or DeafBlind, and to serve as a bridge to businesses and services in the Baltimore region.

calendar_headerDeaf Shalom Zone is a full 501(c)(3) organization, operating with support from and under the umbrella of the United Methodist Church. Deaf Shalom Zone provides all services free of charge and without regard to individuals’ social, economic, medical, or religious affiliations or background.

Each fall semester, Deaf Studies Students are engaged in serving side by side with members of the Deaf and DeafBlind Community.  In addition to social activities they engage in projects which are outwardly focused toward the greater community.  This year they will sponsor a community clean-up day, and a Flea Market.

calendar_sidebarThey will also assist an inner city church with their community garden, growing flowers and vegetables developing roots in the urban community.  Students, Deaf members, and the community at large experience, “Yes, Deaf Can.”  One student is selected to return for a self-directed internship in the Spring.

These are some examples of services offered by Deaf Shalom Zone:

– Advocacy for fair access and accommodations (such as captioning, interpreting, permission to have a sighted guide or other assistant if necessary, etc.)

– Assistance with application processes to obtain:

Reduced fare or modified public transportation services
Training and education
Rehabilitation and job-readiness skills
Financial Assistance
New, updated or replaced identity documents and cards
Specialized technology and equipment

– Help with contacting or updating records with federal and state agencies (such as the Social Security Administration, Department of Social Services, U.S. Postal Service, Motor Vehicle Administration, and others)

programs_sidebar– Support for finding, researching, and contacting doctors, housing, schools, or other critical needs

– Assistance with phone calls and correspondence, for those whose needs are not met

– Case management and coordination between service providers, medical facilities, by their available technology and equipment family members and individuals.

Deaf Shalom Zone avoids replication of services available to individuals through other agencies, instead using our limited resources and personnel to help individuals connect with services, and striving to striving to “bridge the gap” where services are not yet available.


If you would like to be part of this amazing project by sending a donation, checks should be mailed to:
Deaf Shalom Zone
1040 S. Beechfield Ave
Baltimore, MD 21229
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