Faith and Finances for our Neighbors

by Steve Rogers

We are off to a great start with this life changing class. We have ten particpants committed to finding God’s wisdom on how to manage the financial resources God has given us all. We have relationshikps, and the value of saving. We are developing spending plans (basic budgets) to help guide us as we make decisions about our spending. The leaders are learning just as muchs as everyone else!
Our hope is to offer this class twice each year and we expect demand to grow each time. Participants pay $10 to register, but if they finish the course we offer to refund their fee double. We need sponsors to help underwrite this cost, as well as to provide for meals and childcare during the class. Here is an opportunity not only to help someone in their immediate need, but to change the course of their lives long into the future.

Steve Rogers is the CEO for Hope Community of Shalom and Pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church in Lubbock, Texas. “Faith and Finances” is the new program Shalom has been offering since January. This class was put out by the Chalmer’s Institute.

Pastor Rogers was certified as a facilitator and is very excited about offering basic financial literacy education in his neighborhood. For more information on how to take the Chalmer’s Institute training visit their website. click here

Take a look at Chalmer’s Institute opportunities:

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