Farewell and Congratulations to Richard Romero

By Michael J. Christensen Sadly, we must say goodbye to Richard Romero as coordinator of the Shalom Resource Center at Drew University.  But as I remind all my student interns and graduates: “Once a shalomer, always a shalomer!” Richard graduated with an MDIV from Drew Theological School in May, worked through the summer in the Shalom Resource Center, and landed a nice new job in Trenton for the State of

Rev. Dr. Javier Viera, New Dean of Drew Theological School and New Convener of National Shalom Committee

By Michael J. Christensen The Dean of the Theological School of Drew University, by governance, is also the convener of the National Shalom Committee and the immediate supervisor of the Director of Communities of Shalom. Since I will be officially retiring at the end of the year, both as a professor and as the director of the Shalom Initiative, I wanted to write this month about the structure of Shalom

Regional Shalom Trainers participate at CCDA

Shalom Resource Center at Drew University has certified over 40 gifted leaders as National Shalom Trainers or Regional Shalom Trainers since 2008. Three of these certified trainers plus four in-training gathered in Raleigh last month for the annual CCDA national conference. Each year, the national conference of Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) draws more than 3,000 people from around the world and equips them in best practices of Christian community

Take Shalom Online this Fall

Dear Friends of Shalom, Please accept my invitation to take Shalom Online this Fall. Registration is open for the next two weeks for our 24-hr introductory course in asset-based community development, offered through Drew’s partnership with Northwind Institute for 2 continuing education units at a reduced program fee of $49 during the Fall Semester 2014 Though not a replacement for onsite ShalomZone Training™ for new sites and shalom teams, Shalom

Shalom Chapel at Drew 2014

 By Michael Christensen Since 2008, I have selected and supervised over 40 Drew MDIV students who were placed in a Shalom Zone for 6-10 weeks as a summer intern and minister of Shalom.  They have served mostly in the USA but also in Haiti, Malawi, and Northern Ireland. This year’s Shalom Summer interns—Kory Turner and Peg Crilly—shared their stories of shalom work in Memphis and on the Jersey Shore last