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Namabu is a parish located in the far east of Nyenga sub-county in the district of Buikwe.The population of Namabu consists of young and the old,most of whom earn their livelihood from lake Victoria that surround them.Large and small farming on fragmented land gives them an additional income. The youth that consists the biggest part of the population engage,at the same time,in block making and rearing animals at a domestic

Reconciling Ministries Sunday Set for May 25 at Epworth with “defrocked” Pastor Frank Schaefer

Frank Schaefer and his wife Brigitte, will visit Berkeley on May 23-25, hosted by Epworth UMC for the Memorial Day Weekend. On Sunday, May 25, Frank will preach and preside at Table (celebrate communion) at our 10am Worship service. Following the service, in Adult Study at 11:45pm, Frank will share the “back story” of how he had to choose whether to obey his Denomination’s rules or violate them for conscience

Why I Invited a Defrocked Pastor to Preach at Epworth

By Pastor Michael Christensen The Rev. Frank Schaefer, former pastor of Zion Unit-ed Methodist Church in Iona, PA,was recently defrocked by United Methodist Church officials after he refused to conform to our denominational rules that prohibit ministers from officiating at same-sex weddings. Frank felt he had no choice when asked to perform the wedding of his son and partner in 2007, which constituted a chargeable offense and resulted in a